Current Clan LightningClan
Past Clan N/A
Leader Name: Cinderstar
Deputy Name: Cinderfeather
Warrior Name: Cinderfeather
Apprentice Name: Cinderpaw
Kit Name: Cinderkit
Kittypet Name: N/A
Rouge Name: N/A
Loner Name: N/A
Sharpclaw Name: N/A
To-be Name: N/A
Prey-hunter Name: N/A
Cave-guard Name: N/A
Elder Name: N/A
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Mate(s): None
Kit(s): Stormpaw
How this cat died: Not dead
Residence: Not dead
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Firepaw

Cinderstar is a pretty dark gray long-haired she-cat with dark blue eyes, a fluffy tail, and very soft fur. Cinderstar is currently the leader of LightningClan. Cinderstar is kind to her Clanmates, but in battle she is fierce and hostile. Her favorite type of fresh-kill is a hare. Her loyal deputy is Flamefur.


Sunshine's Adventure


  • In Sunshine's Adventure, it says that Cinderstar has kits, and Stormpaw is revealed to be one of them, the others must of died.

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